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      2. pinliLAbel

        Efficient customization

        Personalized clothing labels, buttons, and tapes for brands

        Pinlilabel offers personalized labels for clothing, custom buttons, webbing & tape, garment trims, and accessories in one-step shopping with 1-to-1 support.

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        One Stop Shop

        Our experience in product enables us to meet all your clothing accessories needs.


        Unrivaled Quality

        All products comply with SGS Test and the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX?.


        Fast Turn-around Time

        Place your order and get your labels and tags in 10-15 days or less.

        what do we have

        Our Personalized Clothing Labels

        We’ve gone over every clothing labels you could possibly want to have. You are one step closer to success

        Clothing labels and tags including woven labels and printed labels give customers certain information about your garments such as jackets, underwear, or jeans.

        A decent clothing button is always a finishing touch for creating brand value for it is sewn for ornating and fastening suits, coats, shirts, blouses, or jeans.

        The webbing and tape are sewn to clothes, hats, luggage, and shoes for seaming, hemming, and casing piping, or used as shoelaces, zipper tape, or pet harnesses.

        metal zippers

        At Pinlilabel, our custom zipper services for sewing enable you to start with small order quantities including metal zippers, plastic zippers, and nylon zippers.

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        Our popular fabric labels involve woven labels, embroidered labels, and printed fabric labels, design and get the same fabric labels the prefessional use.

        metal labels frontpage_DSC0159

        Get metal labels like zinc alloy labels, brass labels, or aluminum labels here, pinlilabel helps your design draft into delicate custom metal labels.

        leather labels frontpage-DSC_1844

        Choose from our large selection of custom leather labels including PU leather labels, genuine leather labels, and faux leather labels for clothing.

        paper tags frontpage DSC6814
        paper tags

        Pinlilabel produces custom paper tags/hangtags/swing tags/price tags for sale at retail stores, available in variable card weights, finishes, and die-cutting.

        metal buttons frontpage DSC0983

        Pinlilabel owns a wide collection of metal buttons in various finishes, and there are metal snap buttons, jeans buttons, and metal sewing buttons available.

        shell buttons frontpage_DSC5028

        Get natural shell buttons made from genuine abalone, Akoya, mussel, or oyster for your high-end clothing such as shirts, silk dresses, suits, or blouses.

        press studs frontpage_DSC0330

        Press studs, the alternative to traditional buttons, make fastening more easily, pinliLAbel offers press studs/snap buttons for your next sewing projects.

        jeans buttons frontpage_DSC0971
        jeans buttons

        Custom jeans buttons are a great tool to promote your denim garment brand, we help make original jeans buttons and related subparts at a competitive price.

        Didn’t find what you need?

        Get to know the Minimum Order Quantity of our products.

        Download this brochure to learn about our products and services.

        Why we are the best

        What our clients think about us now

        We’ve got advanced production equipment, professional staff, and first-class after-sales service. You are one step
        closer to success

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        Path to personalize clothing labels


        Get a quote

        Email us and tell us your requirement (logo or not, quantity, size, color, etc), or send me your draft or samples, and we will give you a quote.


        Make samples

        After you confirm the product details, we need to make samples based on your needs. If you are ok with them, bulk production will start.


        Delivery of products

        After the quality inspection, the products will be delivered to you within the contract time. We are responsible for any damage to the product in transit.


        Years of experience




        Product category



        Personalize clothing labels, buttons, webbing & tape, etc, for brands, and we cover all garment trims and accessories that you need.

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